以下资料可于网页(www.融合.政府) by going to the link for Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTI) section (2nd entry on right side column). There is a form and instructions for completing a license application and submitting a bond.  See below for a summary of information on how to become a Freight Forwarder and Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).


There is not a test requirement to obtain a license to become an Ocean Transportation Intermediary, which includes licensing as a Freight Forwarder and/or a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. They are separate and different but an entity can apply for and be licensed as both.  如果一个实体同时申请,下面提到的费用不会翻倍.


A freight forwarder serves as an agent of the exporter for purposes of arranging cargo transportation and related documentation services needed to accomplish an international shipment.  他们的服务包括, 但不限于, 向潜在的美国托运人或外国买家提供出口报价, 安排和订舱货物, and arranging transportation from point of origin all the way to the place of ultimate destination. Freight forwarders also prepare or assist in the preparation of the documents needed to accomplish the transportation, 建议美国政府的出口要求, 并记录货物进入目的国的清关手续. 附加服务, such as collection of funds under a letter of credit or other means as well as arrangement of marine cargo insurance may also be provided.  All services are dependent on the requirements and agreements with the exporter of record. 请注意,使用货运代理, 或者其他政党, does not relieve the exporter from their responsibility to comply with export regulations. Ocean Freight Forwarders are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission (46 CFR 515.2)您可以在以下网址核实有效的持牌海运中介机构 www.融合.政府.  Air Freight Forwarders maintain an IATA number and are Indirect Air Carriers regulated by the Transportation Security Administration.


The basic requirements for licensing as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary Freight Forwarder are covered in 46 C.F.R. 515 and the application process is completed by filing a Form FMC-18 in either paper format (typewritten and in duplicate) or electronically.  提交后,申请费为825美元.纸张格式需要00.  如果以电子方式提交,目前需要250美元的申请费.  一旦你选择以电子方式提交, 不允许携带纸质文件, 除了申请费, e.g., check or money order, and an originally signed Part G (Certification) of the application.


申请人必须首先确定其是否为独资经营者, 合伙或公司. If a person desires to be a sole proprietor the license will be issued in his/her name and any trade name they operate under. 所有权和任何从属关系必须在表格上确定.  This is not related only to foreign commerce but is inclusive of all business activity.

申请人必须指明合资格人士(QI). 这个人必须有良好的品格, who has a minimum of 3 years of relative experience in the United States working in the shipping//freight handling/billing/chartering/ cargo handling portion of the Maritime Industry. QI必须是公司的在职人员. The employment history of the QI and the names and contact information of at least 3 non-related references that have first-hand knowledge of the QI's work experience are required to be submitted. 如果适用的话, the articles of incorporation and the state approved identification for a fictitious business or trade name, 并且必须提交现有公司的良好信誉证明.

以保证金的形式证明财务责任, $75的保险或其他保证证明,000.必须提供无船承运人的00.  如果一个人居住在美国,他就被认为是“在美国”, 或在…下成立或成立, 美国的法律.  无船承运人必须公布包含实际费率的运价表, 指控, 分类, 规则, regulations and practices of a common carrier or a conference of common carriers and file FORM FMC-1 with the Commission.


在颁发许可证之前, 一个人可能不会表演, 或者坚持表演, 海洋中介服务. 以50,000元的保证书形式提供财务责任证明.00必须提供.

The regulations concerning OTI licensing requirement may be viewed at the Commission's website www.融合.政府.

完成申请所需的信息可以在网站上找到 www.融合.政府. There are a series of frequently asked questions and the answers available that will help understand the licensing procedure.

There is information available in 46 CFR Part 500 (to the end) about the maintenance of records.

不幸的是, the 新利体育app cannot recommend anyone in particular to assist you because of regulations but can tell you that tariff publishing companies, 律师事务所, 海事顾问可以帮助你. They have experience in processing applications and know the required information that must be submitted. Most of these firms can be located on the World Wide Web, or in Maritime related periodicals.

新利体育app无法具体说明担保债券的成本是多少, 因为它因公司和申请人而异.  的资产, 信用记录, length of time in the business among other items are all considered by the surety company.  它们必须得到美国财政部的批准. 我建议你尝试几家不同的公司.

你还有什么问题吗, 请致电202与交通中介人办事处联络.523.5843或传真202.566.0011


  • For the same reason a company uses an accountant to file their taxes – to utilize the expertise of companies who specialize in their services.
  • General assistance and quotations are normally provided without cost to the exporter
  • 货运代理可以告知出口商他们的责任和义务
  • Freight forwarders facilitate each process from door to door by developing the logistical arrangements for the move
  • 货运代理处理出口单据, 在需要时协助处理有许可证的货物, 并可就进口国要求提供指导.
  • 与所提供的服务相比,费用相对便宜


如果你保持一个一致的员工, 谁在出口法规方面受过良好的培训, 航运物流, 目的地国家的规定你可能不知道.  值得冒险一试吗?



  • 货代是否有出口合规程序?
  • 谁来处理你的账户,他们的经验水平如何?
  • 谁将是备用联系人?


  • Ocean Transportation Intermediaries who are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission
  • 国际航空运输协会(IATA)成员的航空代理  
  • Those who maintain continuous education programs including holding proof of knowledge certification such as the Certified Export Specialist
  • 是相关领域协会的活跃成员, 比如美国国家海关经纪人和货运代理协会, 公司(新利体育app)


  • 建立文档化的法规遵循(重要的缓解因素)
  • 确保在货物移动之前满足所有考虑因素


  • 定义所报价费用所需的服务
  • 确保你对每个苹果进行比较

Choose a company who will work with you to establish the procedures for handling your business

  • 向货运代理提供您的期望
  • 确保你的货运代理知道你的经验水平
  • Establish compliance with export administration regulations together with your forwarder


而出口商可以根据需要选择尽可能多的货运代理, most forwarders maintain a network of agents in each domestic and international port so that exports can be handled from anywhere in the United States to most foreign destinations.

注:此信息不涉及无船承运人的功能, 哪些货运代理也有牌照经营.  了解更多信息, 联系美国全国报关行和货运代理协会, 公司(新利体育app)